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doors and windows

Homeowners’ Guide to 2021 Doors and Windows Trends

If you’re thinking about hopping on the remodel train and getting new doors and windows, it’s important to know the current interior design trends for 2021. The openings to our homes are not just for convenience—they’re a staple of your personal tastes.

Lumber prices

The Impact of COVID-19 on Lumber Prices

What are the factors driving current lumber price increases due to COVID? Building material industry is experiencing a huge increase in consumer demand for residential housing. This demand is offset with numerous supply chain issues.

Offsite Manufacturing, prefabricated wall panels and trusses

4 Reasons You Should Consider Offsite Manufacturing

Off-site manufacturing (OSM) is a construction technique where prefabricated components are manufactured in off-site, then transported and assembled into the on-site structure. Faster, Safer, Greener, and Better are some of the many benefits to using offsite manufacturing.