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Homeowners’ Guide to 2021 Doors and Windows Trends

Since the COVID-19 pandemic forced more people to stay at home the past year, a popular activity for homeowners is remodeling. Along with this skyrocketing trend of redesign, homeowners began personalizing their home with a more unique touch, including bold colors and modern aesthetics.

If you’re thinking about hopping on the remodel train and getting new doors and windows, it’s important to know the current interior design trends for 2021. The openings to our homes are not just for convenience—they’re a staple of your personal tastes.

Character & Color

Like any other design trend, traditional colors are out, and vibrant modern colors are in. Lately shades of blue, maroon, and glazed finishes with a rustic look have taken over door finishes—there has also been a surge in custom builds and interior designing to meet homeowners’ personal tastes and aesthetics.

Door Colors

While door color trends seem to be continually revolving, there are a few that are clear crowd favorites for homeowners in 2021:

  • Pastel shades. Pastel shades cater to a more classic taste—paired with furniture and accessories from a pastel palette, you’ll create a light and peaceful space.
  • Dark shades. Dark shades mimic the more modern aesthetic with an artistic and moody look. Black doors with glass and iron elements are a great way to accomplish this aesthetic.
  • Colorful hues. If you’re looking to make a statement with your door, you can add energy and vividness to your home with brightly-colored doors—perhaps a coral or orange for a modern kitchen or a yellow or rose for your bedroom.

Whatever your style is, you can showcase your tastes and individuality using the latest door color trends to complete your home.

Front Doors

What better place to make a statement than at the entrance to your home— the front door? Set the tone for your home from first glance with the following styles:

  • Minimalist doors. Wood front doors can easily meet minimalist expectations with sleek and modern lines while serving as a nice décor touch.
  • Glass doors. Glass doors lend themselves nicely to the biophilic design trend, coupling modern sophistication and affordable luxury.
  • Steel doors. If you’re feeling creative and a steel front door might be the look for you—a high steel door with tint is a bold focal point that nobody will miss.

Personalizing your front door with a modern touch is the perfect way to style your home and express your unique tastes to the rest of the neighborhood—plain Jane and cookie-cutter neighborhoods are a thing from the past!

A Personal Touch with the Outside World

When it comes to window frames, black is back with an eye for design. In the past, windows have simply been a view to the outside or a way to let natural light into the home—now, homeowners recognize them as a design feature to personalize their home and tastes.

Although most homeowners are choosing to go dark, that isn’t necessarily what the post COVID and stay at home trend is about. Much like the rest of the modern world, everyone wants to make a statement. Whether it’s bold color choices or unique materials, everyone wants a personalized space.


As color trends shift, so are door and window sizes. Many homeowners are asking for floor-to-ceiling walls of glass or sliding and bi-fold doors to open their home to the outdoors—a nicer home office view. Bi-fold doors have also increased in popularity because they can be clad with matching glass, interiors, and siding, an easy all-in-one for homeowners.

Biophillic Design

Another one of the latest consumer desires is called biophilic design, a recent trend that brings the natural world into home interiors. Biophillic design incorporates the following:

  • More natural light,
  • Larger windows and doors,
  • Plants, and
  • Nature images.

Using natural elements and biophilic design when remodeling or building has been proven to be an overall healthier environment for occupants, especially during the stay-at-home orders in 2020. It’s safe to say that this trend is here to stay!

Customize Your Home with DLD Windows & Doors

When remodeling or building a home, there are countless window and door choices to choose from—current interior design trends range from modern to minimalist, all with your unique design tastes in mind. Now that you’re up to date on the window and door trends, it’s time to design and build!

At Direct Lumber and Door, we stock a large variety of doors and windows in an array of sizes, materials, and designer trends to fit your personality and home. Our millwork facilities are staffed with skilled associates and superior custom products guaranteed to satisfy any aesthetic. To learn more about how we can help with your home, give us a call today.